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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  February 6, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> good morning to you. ho hope you are off to a great day. it is wednesday february the 6th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". the top five stories making news at this hour. we are getting a look at the under ground bunker where jimmy
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lee dykes held a boy for nearly a week. we know it was rigged with explosives. they found a bomb in one of the pipes. agents swooped in after their hidden camera showed he was holding a gun. they set off an explosive device. dykes responded by shooting at them they fired back and killed him. meanwhile the little boy will spend his birthday at home. >> hearings for the ladies and gentlemened behind the u.s.s. cole attack is on hold for two months. they are orders doctors to determine if al nashiri is able to stand trial. he has post traumatic stress disorder after being tortured at a cia prison. >> the american pastor sentenced
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to 8 years in iran says the united states is not doing enough to help free him. he mentioned his doubts during a visit to his relatives. it was a second time he was allow to do see them. he has been locked up since august for refuse to go renounce his christian faith. >> one of the credit card fraud rings has been busted. 28 states, 7 countries and involves 7,000 fake id's. it started in 2007 in jersey city, new jersey. the group created fake business documents to get more than 25,000 credit cards all over the course of time the ladies and gentlemened scammers racked up 200,000 dollars in charges. the 6th sandy hook administrator who died protecting those students will be awarded the 2012 presidential sglint's
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award. they will present the medal to the surviving family members at a white house. they honor citizens for their civic achievements. that's your 5@5:00. >> a secretive drone program. the white house to find a program killing of american citizens suspect of tearrism. this comes as one of the phases of the drone program prepares for his confirmation hearings to the top spot at the cia. probably likely to get a grilling about that one. peter doocy hadz more. >> tom john brennan is coming to the senate confirmation hearing to be the next director of the cia. mr. brennan was his top counter-terrorism official while the drone program oversees through. the u.s. government got permission from the justtis department to kill american
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citizens abroad if they are suspected of having ties to terrorists. they don't necessary i amly have to know about an imminent plot. >> here you have a senior unaccountable doj official who makes determination recent activities lead him to conclude he's an eminent threat you can send a drone to kill him. not torture him but kill him. i am troubled any time government is as nontransparent as this. the white house defended their drone protocol and explained how the drone program keeps people on the american home land safe. we have acknowledged we sometimes use remotely piloted air strikes against specific terrorists in order to protect the united states. we conduct those because they
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are necessary to mitt late ongoing plots it saves american lives. these strikes are legal, ethical and they are wise. there has only been one drone strike against an american citizen abroad that was back in 2011 when a drone launched from a secret base in audi saudi arabia and tack out anwar allal can i. former congressman and current fox news contributor dennis kucinich is talking today. it is another example of u.s. moving into an america he doesn't know. >> there's a constitutional crisis when you have an administration that is challenging principles in the 4th amendment 5th amendment and 14th mainedment with respect to
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due process of law and right to unreasonable search and seizure. this is a government so powerful it can reach into a determine have the power to be the judge, jury and executioner. this is not america we know and love but estranged from us. we want to stand for the security of our country, this kind of policy undermines our security and makes us more enemies when we go out and kill people with drone strikes and other innocents as well. >> kucinich will have more reaction late they are morning on "fox & friends" at 7:15. >> what do you think of the drone program? is anything okay in protecting our home land or is this program over the line. >> you can tweet them to us or e-mail us.
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maria quiet out there now. >> possible significant snowfall across new england. we will be seeing a little bit of snow right here so everyone living across new england new york city and get into areas across northern new jersey you need to keep a close watch on the storm system. unsure about the exact track it will take how strong the storm system is. this one under cates the storm will be stronger. this is one of our computer mold approximates. there's always winter storm watches in effect across massachusetts and other areas across new england because it could dump significant snow across the area. this is friday and early saturday relatively quiet across the area.
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not much accumulation and it is pretty much over with. the only exception is if you live downwind of the great lakes that's when you are looking at continuing snowfall. texas dealing with heavy rain across the southern parts of the state. you need the umbrella if you are headed outdoors temperatures in texas very mild. 634 right now in san antonio, 65 in dallas. 4 degrees as we speak. if you head outdoors in minneapolis you have to bundle up. 69 degrees will be the high temperature in dallas. new york city heather and ainsley not too bad. 39 degrees. >> a little colder the last couple days. >> i hope we get snow this weekend. now to stories you can bank on there's a new study sucht airlines didn't shy away from
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hiking the fees. any traveler nos they can nickel and dime you for every thing these days. >> airlines made 52 different fee changes last year and 36 of those were direct fee increases. most only cost 5-10 dollars but they add up. they spent 6 billion on airline fees last year. if you are looking for a spring escape on the cheap. southwest airlines round trip tickets starting $98 on short routes. longer routes cost a little bit more. we are going to show you the breakdown. if you are traveling anywhere less than 500 miles less than $50 each way. there are fine prints you need to go through and you have to move fast. the sail ends tomorrow and travel between april and june. of course sunday flights are excluded. >> how is southwest compared to
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other carriers? >> they are start to go add-on the fees. they are known as the traditional low cost but they have the biggest number of routes but they are starting to add a lot of fees and their flights aren't that much of a discount. >> jetblue ended up being a discount airline we ait is gett as pricey. >> many travelers might pay more for air fair because they know in the end it may be less after the fees. >> a lot of people are upgrading to 4 g for the cellular networks but it is leading to big phone bills. >> you have to pay more. a new report says a data plan five years from now your bill could be $40 a month more. the reason we are expected to use 6.2 giga bites on data each month in 20013 s. basically from video. it means we are using netflix and hulu all of these services
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and more. that 6.2 gig bites is 75 percent more than we do now. >> if you want to stay away from the higher fees stay away from watching videos. try to. >> 11 minutes after the hour. frightening facts about president obama's immigration policies the 9-11 hijackers would have been allowed to stay here in the united states even they we though they were here illegally. have a gun in your home? well you better get insurance because that's what some democrats are now proposing. if we go to break let's take a look at the gas prices. national average 3.55. that's up $0.02 from yesterday. up from $0.22 last week. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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>> the former chief of deportation under president george w. bush telling congress president obama's new immigration rules would have left the 9-11 hijackers stay in the u.s. even if they were picked up months before the deadly attacks. current policy prevents agents from arresting people solely from entering the country illegal lie. hackers broke into the web site for the federal reserve and stole personal information from bank execs. critical functions of the bank were not affected. the hackers used a weak spot to get in which has since been fixed. >> we have the chilling 911 audio from the moments after a former marine admit to do his sister that he had murdered former nif savy seal chris kyle. >> my brother just came by here.
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he's saying he committed a murder. i am terrified for my life. >> sa call to police from the mn accused of killing chris kyle and his friend littlefield on a texas shooting range. they got to the lodge around 6:30 saturday. hour and a half later the worker found two bodies covered in blood with multiple gun shot wounds. cops say the suspect former marine reservist eddy ray shot both with a semi automatic hand gun before hicking the truck. >> they went out to a shooting range. he's all crazy. he's (bleep). >> according to police documents he told the sister that he traded his soul for a new truck. he refused to meet with members
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of his own family and his court appointed attorney. he is being held on $3 million bond and is on suicide watch. >> during that same 911 call his brother in law sharing the gunman as health diagnosis and recent stay in a mental hospital. >> he was recently diagnosed with ptsd. >> when did he get out? >> about a week ago. >> former navy seal chris kyle was the most lethal sniper in u.s. history and wrote the best selling book "american sniper." when i spoke to the book's coauthor evidences very admiring of chris kyle and at the end of our conversation he said, i am sorry if i made chris kyle sound like he's 10-foot tall like he's a super hero then he paused and said, but he was. in new york jonathan hunt, fox news. >> jonathan, thank you so much. it is now 18 minutes after the
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hour. coming up next on "the rundown", police no longer responding to every single 911 call in one of the country's most dangerous cities. so a lot of people are asking rngs is this just a recipe for disaster? with criminal defense attorney arthur aidala coming up next. >> a daring rescue after two teenagers plunge into an icy pond. [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles military families face, we understand. our financial advice is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. [ laughs ] dad! dad! [ applause ] [ male announcer ] life brings obstacles. usaa brings retirement advice. call or visit us online. we're ready to help. learn more with our free usaa retirement guide.
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thank you and may god bless you.
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>> good morning. it is 22 minutes after the hour.
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here's a look at the headlines. the location of a top secret u.s. drone base has been revealed. the base in saudi arabia has been used to launch strikes in yemen. including the drone strikes that killed anwar al-awlaki. if you own a gun you could be forced to buy insurance for it. democratic leaders proposed an idea as a way to encourage gun owners to keep them locked up. it would be liability insurance for injuries caused by a person's gun. >> image calling 911 being told a police officer will not be dispatched to the scene. that's what's happening in chicago. as of last sunday 911 will no longer send police officers to every call. criminal defense attorney and fox news contributor ar sure
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aidala has more to weigh in on this. let's take a look at the emergency calls were they will not respond. you have car theft, robbery, garage burglary, vandalism, check fraud lewd or ob scene phone calls and threatening phone calls when no immediate darrening. >> robbery. are you kidding me? robbery? god forbid a thug comes and puts a knife to you and runs away. at that point you are not in eminent danger, he's gone. think about your emotional physical state. >> and what if there's a witness called 911 they say there's a robbery cops don't show up and something does go wrong. the criminal does pull the trigger. who is at fault there? could the city be held responsible? >> early in the morning ainsley. >> it's not so black and white. >> i understand there's
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budgetary concerns here. it's a lewd phone call. you are home you get a lewd phone call that's one thing. but if your house gettysburg layerized. again they are saying these are cases where the danger supposedly is gone. but think about it you come in it's the most personal intrusion, your stuff is every where. you want a professional experienced law enforcement officer that you pay taxes for to be there to take fishing prints to look at what's going on to find any clues. was it forced entry or somebody who had the keys to your house he wants to start solving the crimes. hello 911. i am just going to take a report. my how the just got burglarized you are going to take a report. >> what message does this send to the burglar as soon as>> alarm is going no big deal they are going to take a report.
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let me find the jewelry cabinet. >> this opens up the officers to cover the more serious crimes. >> look, if you are talking a lewd phone call, they are correct. if you are talking about a robbery. forceable taking of your property. that means someone grabbed you around the throat and took your property. someone put a weapon at you. that's something a live human police officer should be there. if someone broke into your garage and stole your collection of baseball cards and there's an attempted sexual assault, obviously we want the police there. this remind me of new york city in the mid 80s we didn't have money we cut off the cops. that's not good. >> in a city where crime goes up shouldn't they hire more cops? >> that's what hit new york city in the late 80{caseƱ]s early 90
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when rudy giuliani came in. just like we did in iraq with the surge. we did a surge in new york city put more cops on the streets more visibility more cop cars. it worked. morning went from being one of the most dangerous cities to one of the safest cities in the united states of america. >> we are proud to be here. >> it is now 25 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up the donations were supposed to go to the controversial mosque near ground zero. instead the former founder pespt the money on hz lavish lifestyle. he said the co-workers were disrespecting the american flag leaving it bawled up on a boiler. why is that school custodian being fired? in 199 -- on this day president reagan was born.
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>> it is now half past of hour. it is time now for your 5@5:30. top stories making news at this hour. for the first time since being skwoern sworn into office the president is going to israeli.
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he and benjamin netanyahu haven't been face to face since march. the president is coming after fire for not having been there since his visit as a senator in 2008. he will make stops at a mosque. >> imam routh is accused of spending donations on perks and for his wife. he spent $3 million on vacations real estate and a luxury sportscar. he also falsified tax returns of the two nonprofits where the money was supposed to be being. >> calls for tougher sanctions on north korea this morning after the company posts a bizarre video on-line it shows a missile attack on what looks like new york city. it's set to the tune of michael jackson's "we are the world."
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the bizarre video dreaming he is on a space shuttle laufrped by a rocket then you see a u.s. city in ruins. the video ends with the man saying his dream will come true. >> two new york men horsing around on a frozen central park pond they fell through the thin ice. one was able to pull himself out of the water in a matter of seconds. the other was struggling for 15 minutes. two cop workers and a park tried to help out but theyened up in the water. they got everyone out and they are all going to be okay. he was fired for standing up for the american flag. a school custodian was so fed up he posted this picture of it all crumpled occupy on facebook. he wanted the teacher to call the superintendent of the school to complain but the superintendent canned him for over stepping his boundaries.
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we will hear more about that one. >> congress pressing the white house to answer questions about the program that can target americans without due process. this is one of the faces as the drone program prepares for the confirmation hearing to head up the cia. doug luzader has more from washington. >> u.s. drone program has been shrouded in secrecy. that may be changing with congress having answers. it could em broil the man the president would like to see as the next head of the cia. there's no question the u.s. drone program has been pretty effective taking out targets overseas, al qaeda targets including americans in some cases with virtually no risk to he is u.s. forces. but the critical question facing the white house now, is it really legal? >> we conduct those strikes because they are necessary to mitigate ongoing actual threats to stop plots, prevent future attacks and again save american lives. these strikes are legal.
2:35 am
they are ethical and they are wise. >> oo a department of justice memo leaked to the news says the president may not need much evidence of an eminent threat before deciding to target americans overseas. at the same time 11 u.s. senators most of them democrat have sent a letter to the white house asking for the legal rational behind all of this. we are waiting a response. tomorrow the president's nomination to cia john brennan awaits the confirmation hearing as the counter terrorism advisor he played a leading role in the drone program. >> the very idea to have the architect of the program get a major promotion and be brought up for cia director the full senate really has to ask some hard questions of mr. brennan. >> up to this point the president has been given pretty
2:36 am
wide latitude by a number of democrats on capitol hill who at the same time have been critical of the bush administration's defense of enhanced interrogation techniques but that may be changing. >> that's the brew on this topic. is anything okay in protecting our home land or is this over the line? you can tweet your comments to us or shoot us an e-mail@foxfriendsfirst@foxnews. com. we will read them later in the show. that is the looming sec quest tore deadline. president obama pleading to congress to delay the cuts to the president warning the entire economic recovery depends on this. spending cuts are set to kick in by march 1st ss if lawmakers do not reach a budget deal. a move that could threaten national security. so will a deal be made?
2:37 am
that's what charles krauthammer is talking about this morning. >> i think the republicans are going to allow the automatic cut the sec quest tore to go into effect. the president had to go on television he's scared to death about that. he doesn't want domestic cuts and as commander-in-chief he's worried about the pentagon cuts. he's on the defensive. they are saying we are not going to lift a finger until you offer us alternate cuts in the same amount. >> meaningful spending cuts to dallot the budget. >> otherwise they will go for the automatic cuts. >> that is march 1st. >> it's the only twhar going to get any cuts out of obama. it's now automatic. all you have to do is stand back and do nothing. >> it is march 1st the deadline? >> march 1st. >> monday marks the 4th consecutive year the president did not pass a budget. before you leave the house this morning you need to get the first degree weather update with
2:38 am
maria molina. >> we are hearing about this another ea nor' easter that could be heading to the northeast. >> we are talking about an area of low pressure that is expect to do develop as we head into the next couple days and later friday afternoon into early saturday morning we could be looking at significant no fall accumulations into places like new englandment computer models disagreeing to exactly how strong the storm will be and the exact track it will take. that will be critical as to where we are seeing the am the. one of the computer models is predicting we could be looking at accumulations as far south as new york city. everyone needs to watch this sis them closely. we have confidence we could be looking at 6 inches of snow across areas of new england some places looking at over a foot of it. we will be seeing areas of rain and snow and also very strong winds with this storm system as we head into early
2:39 am
saturday morning across places like new york city, parts of up state new york, eastern pennsylvania up into portions of boston and also the state of main. keep this in mind winter storm watches already in effect across areas like massachusetts, parts of vermont new hampshire and off of southern maine. we are anticipating we will be seeing a 6 inches of snow from the storm. across massachusetts the boston area texas dealing with areas of heavy rain across southeastern portions of the state. a look at the high temperatures very mild in texas upper 60s in dallas. 31 degrees for the high temperatures in minneapolis. otherwise in the carolinas nice cool day high temperatures 60 in raleigh. >> huge temperature changes for parts of the planins. maria molina, thank you so much. funny lady kristen wigs is on board for anchor man 2. >> well for all of us here at channel 4 news. i am ron burgundy you say classy
2:40 am
san diego. >> those of us in the industry remember that one well. she is set to star in the sequel with fellow alum will ferrell. she will play the wife of steve carrell's character. >> ready for brand new lore. disney confirming it will make a number of star wars spin-off films. this in addition to jj abe grams trilogy already in the works. no word yet which characters will be involved. more want to hear about that one. country music fans today youtube will announce a new channel called country now and it features nashville's best tunes concerts and company. check it out, country now. now for the starting lineup the top sports stories. olympic champion lindsey vaughn in a terrifying crash. she tore two leg ams in her knee and broke her leg. she was air lifted to the hospital. they expect her to recover just in time for the winter olympics
2:41 am
next year. thousands of fans celebrating the ravens super bowl win. wading through on throats afloa trucks. olympic champion michael phelps crying his eyes out along side his mom at the super bowl. you can see phelps is a baltimore native and a huge ravens fan. he's also good friends with ray lewis. phelps said he was so happy he couldn't help it. >> that's sweet. >> you got to like a guy who loves his mom so much. >> she has been there for him every step of the way. >> 20 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up you might want to sit down for this next story. spending 8 million tax dollars on furniture sitting in the closet gathering dust. >> 8 million on furniture. it's no longer a glimpse into the sci-fi teaser. a real life man hazem merged.
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we ha -- has emerged. we will show you straight ahead.
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we begin where five people are dead after a massive earthquake triggered a tsunami. the magnitude 8.0 quake struck east of new guinea. it triggered a 5 point wave. no word on how extensive that is. now let's head over to egypt. >> well that was a shoe stealing the spotlight during mahmoud ahmadinejad's country. look closely on the left-hand
2:46 am
side of the screen. you can see an arm come up and come down on ahmadinejad. this is the first visit from iranian leader in 30 years. now to london that is where scientists unveiled a until dollar man. that is how much it costs to create this bionic man named rex. he has a working heart lungs and even a human face. amazing. >> thank you, heather. if you thought we would see unemployment below 7 percent soon, think again. the congressional budget office letti releasing a new report for the fiscal outlook in ten years. here's what the ceo director had to say. >> under current bau we expect the unemployment rate to remain above 7 and a half percent. it would be the 6th year with unemployment so high the longest period in 70 years. >> what does this mean for our
2:47 am
economy? diane macedo has more. >> if the ceo's latest predictions are right they set a record for 2013 for the longest period of high unemployment since the great depression. that's because the office expects the economy to grow 1.4 percent thanks in part to the expiration of the bush tax cuts and automatic spending cuts currently set to kick in in march. debt is expected to remain historically high relative to the economy. by 2023 current laws remain in place debt will equal 77 percent of gdp and be on an upward path. that means when interest rates rise to more normal levels interest on payments will rise. investors may lose confidence in the government's abilities to manage budgets. it leaves many key budget issues
2:48 am
unresolved including the spending cuts a potential shut down in mid march and the deadline for the u.s. to hit the debt ceiling. while the outcome could make it worse one bright spot growth is expect to do pick up from 2014 to 2018 as the effect of the housing financial criess is continues to face. >> thank you so much diane. >> it's 46 after the top of the hour. coming up, do you make your guests take off their shoes before they come into your house? are you normal or nuts doing this? >> you think cutting calories diet drinks are a good idea it turns out that is true unless you are mixing it with booze. we will explain that one straight ahead. first let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on fox and friends first. >> it wouldn't be a morning without talking about food. >> sounds like you have been
2:49 am
mixing something with something up there in that studio, lady. good morning to you. coming up on fox and friends we are talking a little bit how the governors of california and tech as are in a fight. which is better for business, texas with no income tax or california that has one way up here? also, florida is in trouble because they have a new logo that spells florida with a neck tie some say it's sexist. we will have a fair and balanced debate on that. plus a school custodian who was fired for standing up for the u.s. flag. that plus the brand new dogs at the westminster kennel club. that's next. this bible changed . i'm kirk cameron. four hundred years ago our forefathers risked their lives to bring this bible to the shores of america. because it contained the principals for economic liberty, political liberty and religious
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freedom. the 1599 geneva bible. it was the first complete english translation, complete with chapters, numbered verses and 300,000 utterly unique study notes. it actually came out before the king james version and because the government didn't authorize it, it was outlawed. but it was a bible by the people, for the people, the book that built america. and now for the first time in 400 years it's available again in a beautiful leather edition. i have one, i want you to have yours too. please visit and get your copy of this rare and historic version of god's word today. thank you and may god bless you.
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>> nine minutes to the top of the hour. americans should work less in order to save the planet? that's what some economists want to do in order to cut down on global warming. shorter work weeks and more vacation time as a way to bring down the greenhouse gases in the u.s. guys, listen up, too much calcium could be bad for your heart. men take calcium supplements are more likely to die of heart disease than those who don't. this doesn't apply to calcium rich foods however. >> it's a question we all ask ourselves from time to time, am i normal or am i nuts? dr. keith ablow is here to answer your e-mails. good morning dr. keith. >> this woman says i don't allow shoes in my house ever. i make guests take off their shoes outside and i disinfect them before i let any shoes into my house. what do you make of this one. >> here's the thing. i make -- once i haired
2:54 am
disinfect it's nuts. >> i can see taking off your shoes before going in the house people are walking around bathrooms and dirty streets. >> to disinfect the shoes it takes you into the land of obsessive compulsive disorder. you can get help with psychotherapies and medicines or both. if you were to quiz this woman's friends and relatives you would find out this isn't the only symptom. it is not isolated and it is restricting her from being more open, more loving, freer. >> i am only 23 years old but my mom thinks i need to date someone rich. she won't layoff even though i say i am young and happy. tell me she is nuts. yes, the mom is nuts. >> there you go. you can join my practice any time. because she is crazy. why? because she doesn't understand boundaries and because she is not valuing people as people. she is valuing them as wallets. so bottom line she has been told back off and this young woman should say to her mom, listen die need an advisor in my social
2:55 am
life. mid a mom. >> sounds like the young woman is more the parent than the parent is. >> last one. i am ultra seasonal in my sense selections. she refuses to burn christmas eve scented candles before black friday some after labor day et cetera. it drives me crazy when i smell women with a light floral scent in the spring or summer. >> she is very specific but not so specific she is crazy. she is normal. she has a particular gift. she is a connoisseur of scents like i am a connoisseur of toupees. i can spot one like across a football field. i am sensitive to that. so is she. it's a gift of hers i might ask her for advice about cal loan. >> thank you so much. make sure to send the doctor your questions you can send them to us@foxnews.cfox news -- at
2:56 am >> she got to ride a train for the first time on her birthday. now the video. >> look at her. >> viral. adorable. >> what do you think of the drone program? is anything okay in protecting our home land or is it over the line? we will read your e-mails coming up next. :
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>> two minutes till the top of the hour as we look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. >> what's coming? >> a train! >> are we going to ride the


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